Intentional musings 

From time to time, moments of clarity come and words, thoughts, ponderings need to be shared. Perhaps these are mostly reminders for self, but if they impact you as well, enjoy. 

December 18, 2017.

On vulnerability. 

About a month ago I spoke aloud my intention to claim vulnerability as a strength. It surprised me how hard it was to say out loud, though it had been brewing inside me for awhile. I spoke my intention boldly in front of a group of women that I hardly know. The responses were what you would imagine. Some physically jerked a hand to their heart, jaws dropped, whispered whoas...but in speaking my truth, it was liberating. 

Brene Brown, oh Brene. My vulnerability studying sister. I've been reading her, to connect with someone who "gets it" and to not feel so floundery in this claiming of my space. This call to vulnerability is coming up everywhere, in every relationship, in every interaction. This call to authenticity of myself. A strength and a tenderness. A badass and a snowflake. All encompassing this one body, this one soul, this one spirit. 

Claiming my uncomfortable strengths. I can't wait to see what else it reveals. 


December 13, 2017.

Standing Up. 

I've become more aware of the political climate as of late. Realizing that it was part of my white privilege to "get to" ignore what all is going on. I'm still not the most aware or involved activist, but I'm also not sticking my head in the sand and pretending that it doesn't affect me. 

I've made calls to my local politicians, written letters and marched in the streets. I've cried, gotten mad, bought funny and sarcastic t-shirts. 

But it's also been a call to mindfulness. If I call someone names because they view the world through a different paradigm than I do, it is a wake up call to my own judgement. I wonder if I can have a respectful conversation with differing opinions, with an open mind/heart. When I read blanket statements and sweeping generalizations about a group of people, it's cause for pause. How do I make sweeping generalizations? How do I lock someone in to a box unfairly? 

I didn't choose to be more engaged with politics in order to be more mindful. Though it has been a season of awakening for me. I hope that I'm continually challenging my judgements. Refining myself, so that I can be stronger, more capable, more loving, more aware. 

December 5, 2017.

Clean up your space. 

I read an article about cleaning up space on the iPhone. Like, you go to take a picture but there isn't enough space, so you frantically delete a bunch of duplicate photos and videos so you can take a photo of a latte or your kid skiing in a giant redwood forest. Whatevs. Same same. Not the point. The point is that the frantic deleting doesn't ultimately make a big impact, you need to delete the real memory sucks. Like old text messages, Snapchat / twitter/ Facebook caches. Delete where it matters so you can free up space.

Let me say that again, but not in the context of your phone.

Delete where it matters so you can free up space in your life for the here and now, the current growth patterns, the freedom of movement. Make the sweeping changes you need to make to liberate yourself into the life you want. 

Delete, delete, delete.

Add, love, add.