Additional Services

​​​grant calendar development

Strategic planning helps to ensure proposals are submitted on time and solicitations are made on an on-going basis.  Planning ahead helps to identify existing shortfalls and to prevent gaps in funding that can threaten program and organization operations.

Case for support development

A Case for Support tells your organization’s story and is the foundation of any fundraising campaign or initiative.  It is an illustration of your organization’s mission, vision and achievements.  A Case for Support demonstrates your organization’s credibility and inspires others to join your cause.  Quite simply, a Case for Support is one of the most important documents your organization will ever write.


We provide comprehensive grant proposal editing and review on a per project basis.  We will review the Foundation Requests for Proposals (RFP), giving priorities and grant guidelines. We will edit your proposal for grammar. And we will make recommendations for strengthening your content to best meet the funding priorities of the identified grant-maker.


Timely submission of grant proposals and completion of award reports is crucial to securing and maintaining any grant program. Our team will work with your organization to maintain proposal development strategies and manage successful grant awards.


An active donor stewardship plan allows you to engage funders beyond the reporting requirements, and allows you to share the direct impact of their contribution. Our team will work with your organization to develop a comprehensive donor stewardship plan that is both meaningful and impactful.

Program budget development

Organizations often underestimate the true cost of implementing an existing or new initiative-- forgetting to take into account ALL of the costs associated with the development, administration and implementation of a particular project or program.  To help your organization create an accurate and appropriate program budget, our team will work with your staff to explore the full cost of programming and ensure that the budget accurately reflects all elements of expense and revenue.

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