The Write Intention started from an intrinsic nudge to support non-profit organizations, specifically with their grant writing needs. To couple the often confusing and daunting world of grants with our passion for writing, to help non-profits gain financial resources that they didn't have time or resources to figure out. Over the years, our purpose and our passion remains unchanged: to work directly with individuals and organizations that are making a tremendous impact in our world. As we carefully craft proposals, we strive to helpnon-profit organizations develop new programs, buildnew facilities, and expand the services they provide to individuals, children, families and communities in need.

We get to tell your story. 

​We believe every non-profit has purpose
. Your mission, your vision and your work is meaningful. You see it every day in the lives of those you touch. There are organizations, corporations and foundations that believe in what you do. And it is our work that can bridge the two for betterment of our world.

Some of our offerings have changed as we have learned what works best for our clients, and what works best for telling your story. Dive in, reach out, and take your organization to the next level. The best time to start is now. 

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The 'Write' steps to a successful grant program:

Program Development,

Assessment &


Prospect Research & Identification

Grant Proposal Development

Grant Readiness Assessment